In the Ace of Wands, as in every Ace, we notice the pattern made by the loose leaves;  it is similar to that made by the drops of the ace of cups, and the sparks of the ace of swords, and the Hebrew letter signifying 'to begin'.  In this case, we begin something far from home, as evinced by the house in the far background.


     If reversed, it warns us to beware and be cautious.

   Many wands in a spread can signal a harvest of ideas, views, ambitions, and projects.

The Two of Wands


    We've got the whole world in our hand. 

Note the two staffs are not of equal length, and one is bolted to the wall.  This tells us if we want to hold the world in our grasp, we need to practice industry and security;  the crest of white lilies and red roses to the left of the staff tells us we must blend ethics and desire for profit in unequal proportions to succeed.

     The mantle of maintenance has everything to do with professionalism.


     If this card falls reversed, we need to go back and question our ethics, values, and morals.



       In the three of wands we watch our ships go out to sea or our ship come in;  old phrases that mean we have launched an idea or project and now wait and see.  The three living staffs, of unequal lengths, stand (or fall) all on their own merit, as our project is underway.


     The figure who represents us wears the mantle of maintenance, and a shawl in the color of life to show his project is definitely viable.  The checkered sash lets us know that we call the shots on everything, and can wave the checkered flag at will.  We are in charge!!!


     If this card falls reversed, we have failed, through our own fault.

Wands and swords go together pretty well!  Ideas and actions go hand and paw!

     The four of wands is the Harvest Home!   See the couple waving and dancing in front of their house?  Pay closer attention to the four rods and their garland, which forms a canopy of estate, or bower of divine protection. 

     This card upright or reversed signifies a completion, a marriage, a consummation, a blessing from heaven.  A good card!!

       The five of wands is mock combat, friendly competition, sparring with friends, a neighborhood baseball game.   Summer fun!  The meaning remains the same upright or reversed.

     Look at the pattern formed by the rods.



The Six of Wands   


   He is wearing a wreath of laurel, and one is posted on a rod center right;  he has won.  But look closely at the horse;  the horse is looking at you, and he is winking.  Dressed in a huge spring green blanket which hides his pose, that horse is looking us in the eye and winking.  He is telling us a divine secret, all right.

     Most likely that secret is that the path we travel is the path he leads,  alchemy, metaphysics, the Mystic Arts.  He is here to show us the way!


     If the card falls reversed, we have missed the hint!!


Wands don't hide!!!  But they can catch you by surpirse!!!

The Seven of Wands


      Look at his shoes.  One is a boot and one is a bedroom slipper.  This means we have been caught off guard and unprepared.  And those rods are about to push us off the cliff.

     If the card is reversed, you are at the bottom of the cliff, having hit bottom and you have no one to blame but you.

        The eight of wands signifies a flight through the air, whether by the phone wires or microwaves or on an airplane, now expands to include texting, tweeting, and sending Word.


     If reversed, it refers to more local communication, and a warning not to force an issue.



 Wands can invite us to look at things from a whole new point of view!

The Nine of Wands

      No doubt you see the bandage on his head.  Since this is the suite of wands, we know this was a blow to our pride, our view of the world, our ideals, and not to the skull.  We are having to defend our views as a part of our identity here.



If reversed, we have fought and lost.

   The ten of wands represents the modern Atlas complex, overcommitment!

    If upside down, then we know we couldn't have carried it through when we committed to it.



     The figures of the wands court may represent situations and changes as well as people; not often, but it can happen.



     The king of wands is a source of ideas.

      The queen of wands suggest a rural setting.

      The knight of wands lets you know that you will be moving, changing your place of residence.

     The page or wands brings news, usually by the fastest possible means, of the latest changes.


     More in depth info is available on the wands court on the Court Page.

Something new, and golden, and square, and alive! I wonder what it is???

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