Most authorities tell you that you must be given your Tarot as a gift;  that you should keep it wrapped in silk in a safe place;  and that it helps to wear it close to your skin or sleep with it under your pillow. 

           I agree.

     I have found that gifted decks, used decks purchased from or from ebay, or from used book stores, work just as well or better than the ones I buy myself.  I must have collectd about 300 decks by now!!!

       Good thing I don't have a thing for jewels.


      I keep my working decks wrapped in nice cloth, not necessarily silk but clean and fresh, in a basket close to my work table.  Naturally I make a new bag, all decorated and trimmed, for each new deck!  So does every Tarot enthusiast I know. 


     I know lots of people who wear Tarot tees... though I know that is't the spirit of the dictum! 

     Studying the cards works better than wearing them if you really want to read well, however . 


Get into The Spirit

     Sit down with yourself alone, and breath.  Breath deeply.  Remember, there is no magick in the cards;  the Tarot is a spot within your own soul.  It is with the Universe you seek to commune, and the conduit, the language, is Tarot.

     Take time to reflect on the awesomeness and sacredness of that gift, that gulf, that miracle.

     Some of us like to pray in a demonstrative way;  candles, incense, soft Enya in the background.  This is an important step in protecting yourself from unwanted intrusions, in the form of phone calls in the background, knocks at the door, and knocks on the window at night.  It's a big Universe out there, fellow Tarot enthusiasts, and energies of all kinds flock to Light.  I don't empower the dark, neither do I deny evil exists.  


     Prayer is essential for protecting your client from Unwanted Attention also.  


     The Angel of the Tarot is HRU, pronounced Eh-ruh, connected with the Archangel Gabriel.  Think about that!! 

When You Really Need A Significator

      Always read what is there in the spread;   give equal weight and importance to every card!  They don't fall by accident or chance.  Each card is a message in itself.



     Always read all that is there, omitting nothing. 



     Do not read what is not there by extrapolating, adding your speculation or opinion, or gilding the reading with your take on it all.  If the seeker wanted your opinion, she'd ask you, not your Art.  The seeker is asking her higher self, via the Sacred Tarot, advise which you can not offer to questions you do not understand.  Stand down!!



     Since we are consulting the Tarot for clarity, and grace under fire, intervening with our own two cents defeats the whole purpose! 

     I use reversals;  the meanings remain the same, but intensified.  For example, the ace of swords reversed may be interpreted not just as 'Stop!' but as 'Stop now before it gets worse!'


     Take my advice, and don't listen to anyone who says not to use reversals!  The five of swords sucks, but when reversed, it sucks much less.









     When the court cards appear, consider where they face, as opposed to their position.  If they face toward you, even if they are upside down, they are freindly and well disposed toward you. 

     If they face away from you, they are probably not your best friend or supporter, even if they are facing upright.

     Sometimes it happens that you will have a lot of particular number card, like all the 3s or 4s or 5s,  in  a spread.  I use the Holy Quabbalah system:  

  many Aces;  inceptions

many 2s: decisions and the need for wisdom

many 3s: divisions and the need for understanding

many 4s: foundation, and the need for mercy

many 5s:  paring down, the need for severity

many 6s:  refinement, the need for beauty

many 7s:  victory, the need to disperse

many 8s:  organization

many 9s: the harvest and culmination of all you have worked for

many 10s: beginning the same work on a  new level

many pages:  a flurry of communication

many knights:  coming and going

many queens:  need for many kinds of support

many kings:  convergence of opinions

     Sometimes too you may have a harsh card paired with a great one:

like the 3 of cups with the 3 of swords.

How could that ever work????????

 By alchemical transformation...It happens in nature all the time.

 Trust the process.

    If you have gained something from perusing my Tarot book, please consider making a contribution to any no-kill animal shelter. 

     Our dumb chums depend on us to make their lives the best imaginable, and there is such a need!


Need insight?

     I do offer professional readings, via phone or email.  They are detailed, full of strategies, and honest.  85$US and you get more than your money's worth!

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