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    The Fool is about to step off a cliff;  there are two signs in this card that tell us that this entity, still Life Force, is protected from all harm.  First, the cliff is the side of a mountain, which are also visible in the background.  Second, the sun, pure white and straight rayed, is rising, right above him, in quarto in the sky;  both of these are signs of the immanent presence of Almighty God. 

     Plus, see the little white dog? What does that spell backward?

    On a theological note, the Fool itself is the Spirit, the little white dog a symbol of the soul.  Put them together, as they must to animate a vessel, and you have a human being, a duad, a bicameral entity.

     The Fool is holding the white rose of purity, and a pole hung with his red satchel held toward the sun; within the satchel are the four elements of each suit, which he needs to survive birth.  On the satchel is engraved an eagle, suggesting Aquila the Falling Eagle. 

     He wears a red feather in his cap;  we will see this feather again in various places throughout the Tarot journey.  It is an important sign;  'a feather in my cap',  represents an accomplishment of no mean order, remember. 

     The Fool also sports a laurel wreath headband, which we will also see in several other important cards.  This laurel wreath was awarded as prize for winning an Olympic event in the original games;  which explains why we have the phrase, to rest on one's laurels, today.

     Representing the planet Uranus, the Fool is the Life Option, up side or down;  if it falls first place in a reading, it can indicate looming inceptions;  if in the final place, it can mean you are canceling yours. 

     Look alive!!

      Here is the Fool as a Magician.  He wears the pure white taberd of traditional magicians, with a live snake belt!!  A bright red robe lets us know he is all about Life, while the lemniscate above his head extends his consciousness into eternity! 

    Notice the bower of flowers (spiritual lilies and Desire red roses) above him hangs down, and forms a hedge in the foreground.  His hands too echo this, 'as above, so below'.  This axiom is vital to our understanding of Life.

    The Magician is technology, communication on a grand scale, and the exchange or innovation of great new ideas along these lines. 

     Rather than Bill Gates, this card represents Microsoft.

   The High Priestess is an image of Isis of old, recognized nowadays as the Blessed Mother Mary.  The symbols on her tapestry (which tell us things are hidden which we cannot perceive or understand) are pomegranites;  remember that story of Persephone and Hades?  Pomegranites represent sexuality, yet Isis and the Blessed Mother are virgins;  virgin mothers in fact. 

The moon with its' phases throughout the card, as the sea with its' tides, tell us about polarities, swinging back and forth, extremities.  The two pillars with B and J mean positive and negative, in Hebrew.

   The funny thing is, in divination, this usually forecasts a period of alone time, singleness, and celibacy. 

    It most frequently refers to legal documents, licenses, important paperwork.  That is the Torah she is holding, meaning, 'what is received.' 

     The Empress is Venus on high!         

    Note the crown of twelve stars as mentioned in the Book of Revelation,  and necklace of seven pearls, also so mentioned;  note the pomegranites on her gown.  Like the High Priestess, the Empress is also Isis, only now she is in her productive phase!

    She is Mother Nature at her finest, and usually her appearence promises good weather.

                    N.B. She also lets you know that someone around you is pregnant.


     Look carefully at the Emperors backdrop.  It looks like its melting with feverent heat!

     In divination it heralds an encounter with Authority, not necessarily a bad one.  It refers to the Military, police, lawyers, judges, parole officers, and usually means an encounter with a traffic cop.

     Keep in mind this may represent a country which has an Emporer, like Japan.

     The best modern rendering of the Heirophant is as the Tradition Keeper of our tribes.

     Because we have to remember what has gone before us, who our people are, where they came from, what they did and didn't do;   or we wind up not knowing anything at all, and clueless as to where to go from here.  A lot like people nowadays, who have a Star to guide them, but no idea how to navigate. 

     The Pope, and the Catholic Christianity he represents, has kept our moral sense alive for over six thousand years.  Our moral fiber and our conscience is what supports and stabelizes civilization. 

    The Pope may be Pontifex Maximus of Rome,  Pharoah of old, and even worse names;  but he represents the tradition and the roots of civilization since the Zep Tepi, the inception of the human drama. 

     If the Heirophant appears to you, understand that he is Mythic Authority, the Voice that becomes gruff and scary when describing the Big Bad Wolf in the story, and tells you how to avoid it!

 Some people are shocked and surprised to find the teachings of reincarnation or resurrection in the Tarot.  They shouldn't be.  Both these teachings encircle the globe, are taught by the Torah, were affirmed by Hermes and Christ, and can be found in the old and new Testaments. 

    The important thing to focus on here is the angel:  the woman sure is.  She is looking at the angel while the man gazes at her.  Interesting read on Genesis, isn't it?

     But the angel is actually Raphael, and he is dressed in royal purple with clashing red wings, in front of a straight rayed sun (also reminisent of Egypt, don't you think?)  and his hair turns into leaves.  If you look closely, you can see a heart symbol on his chest, while he holds his hands over the people in traditional blessing pose. 

    The trees of knowedge and of life are behind the human figures, and the Serpent makes his appearence on the womans side.

    Read into this exactly what it is implying:  Choose Wisely.

     In divination, this has to do with the way we are handling our credit accounts, and reflects our daily surroundings, the colors, the furnishings, et cetera, because these are the things we choose to surround ourselves with, the things we choose as our signature of being.

      Now choose your path, this card is saying, and travel it with care.  This card contains symbols of the mysteries, and it is the path of the mysteries which this Chariot travels.

     We see the sphyx in polarity, playing with their tails (a pun on tales) and the charioteer, although decorated with the faces of the moon and the sun and the symbols of alchemy, and under a bower of cosmis stars, is nonetheless a puppet in cement.  Only a shaman journeys here, so don't be fooled by this ancient trick!                

     In the ancient days, the returning Conquerer would ride in just such a chariot, drawn by his fine war horses, with his children with him, and the conquered peoples as slaves wrapped in chairs walking before him.  Behind him in the chariot seat stood another slave, whispering in his ear:  'remember you are only a man.'                           


     Strength  is wearing an apron, the symbol of the Initiate;  the apron is made of a bower of flowers, the symbol of Divine Intercession;  she is wearing those flowers as a garland around her head, also as a living halo, which is reflected by the lemniscate of eternity.
    Notice the lion is purring and kneading the ground in pleasure? 
     We see here Divine Healing.  You and I may need to go to the naturopath to get it.  Or the doctor, or pharmacist.  But this card tells us to attend our health.

      The Hermit is Diogenes, who looked with his lantern in hand in broad daylight for an honest man.
     Ar ar ar ar ar!!!!! An honest man!!!
     Not as cynical, or as old, as I am?  Then keep looking!!!!
    This is the only place you will ever find him...within.
   This card may signify college, going back for post grad.  It also implies Space, either outer, or inner space, as described above, and cyberspace, as in the Net.

     The Wheel of Fortune shows us the four fixed signs of the zodiac with their four angels or stars each recording what they see;  this record is the Wheel.  Some see the four apostles within the fixed signs also.
   Anything recorded, from documents to musical CDs, are marked by the Wheel.
This motif was extremely popular during the Age of Discovery.  It was a favorite of both Katherine of Aragon and Hernando Cortez.  Regardless of what you think of them or their methods, they shaped the world.  Many say this is because the had the blueprints already, as recorded by the Wheel, which they frequented.

    As you can see, Justice isn't blind, and he has something hidden behind the curtain between the extreme pillars.  We do the best we can on this earth;  this justice is the law as we make it, it is not the Divine Justice of Egypt, where the heart is weighed against a feather. 
    This most likely refers to the post office, an insurance claim, or a traffic ticket in divination.  Keep your foot off the accelorator!!

      Forget everything but the shape of the symbol made by his crossed leg, his elbows, and his halo. 
                                         Now you have the secret!       Alchemy!

 This is the horse from the six of wands, now ridden by a skeleton in armor known as Plague, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  People, kings, nations, policies, laws, jurisdictions, die every day, you see,  not just at the end of time, and death is the end of time for the person who dies.
     But this isn't about death so much as it is about changes, and those changes being made in secret.  The white rose speaks of secrecy and things done in secret, sub rosa,  or under the rose. 
If this card comes up, ferret out what's being done in secret, because it will have terrific impact on the world.

        Pay close attention to the iris which grow on the shore of the fresh water lake;  iris are divine messages from Nature. 
     This angel, Michael, has either the rising sun, or a lifting UFO, at her back.  The message here is one of intergration, mixing things or people or ideas which don't agree, like a pot of chili, or the ravens of the Tower of London, or fairies living in an apartment complex where an oak grove once stood.  

     This is pretty self explanatory;  the devil is obviously a construct and not real.  The color of his face, or mask,  is radically different from the color of his body, and his wings are on upside down.  Ooops!! 
     He is also making the sign of the Shin with his right hand, which is a rabbinical blessing.  Looks like he is setting the mans ass on fire with his left.
     The chains holding those figures to his pedastle are loose and easily removed, if the people want to be free of him.   
     If this comes up in divination, you recognize it to be one of addictions;  the man an adrenelin junkie and the woman an alcoholic, judging by the grapes of her, tail. 

       As always, watch the patterns!! The drops of fire, the lightening bolt, and compare the clouds of smoke to the leaves on the ace of wands. 
     The Tower means catastrophe,  and though it may come as a bolt from the blue, with a little wisdom, a little humility, a little brain muscle and it could have been avoided. 

    The Star is everybodys favorite card, as Sirius rises in the background and we have balance, the wise use of resources, and abundance of good will!
    The Star is a cosmic connection to the Star of Isis, Sirius.
    The Star is that point of Light by which we navigate successfully through the oceans of life.  This is also pretty much proof of the existence of God, too, so we need to take our lives and how we have lived them into serious consideration at this point. 

    The sun rises with both types of energy- direct, straight rayed and alternating rayed-  while a baby sits on the horse we saw in the six of wands, and in Death.  That baby has a red feather in his cap, and seven sunflowers as a garland on his head, which are symbols of the resurrection.  Sunflowers bloom behind that wall, which acts as a tapestry,  keeping things hidden.  The baby also carries a banner which we see again in The World.
     That's no baby!  That's the Fool, come back to life in a new body and a new form after being killed!!
  Yep, that's him all right!! 
      In divination the Sun means ultimate triumph and success on a personal level.  Whatever the Seeker has wished most dearly and deeply to achieve, what has most represented her deepest desire, is seen in the Sun.  It may mean election to public office, a birth of a grandchild, having a name cleared of wrongs, winning a legal case, or something as simple and meaningful as a happy marriage.
     The earth renews itself in the light of the sun continually, too.

   Instinctively we shiver at the changes the moon brings;  we shelter away from the creatures of the night. 

     Yet we trust those instincts! We note the time and season by those changes.  We know the voices of the night haunts to be our own. 

     What a species we are, eh?


   This is Gabriel, and the secret here is his horn.  Music!!
     Yes, it looks like the resurrection of the dead-  what do you think music does?  How many times have old feelings resurged, old memories come back unbeckoned, when you hear an old song on the radio??  How many old romances has this rekindled???
     Music is the key to many mysteries!!

     This is the World as it was, and how it will be when Restored to Perfection;  the four fixed signs are steady, the World Dancer is draped with a decorous cover over her penis (she is a perfect, fully functional hermaphrodite) in a spiritual purple (this is the banner the baby carried in The Sun card, and this is the home of the baby), and she dances within the Garland or Wreath which we have seen worn by many through our journey.  The red ribbon forms a lemniscate into living eternity. 
     On the divinatory level, the World is a card of boundaries, of time as well as national or jurisdictional.
Or cultural.
What a way to end!

      Until we start anew...

Were you thinking that the concept of a renewed, perfected world, is just a western, Christian concept?   Christianity came through Hermes via Egypt as a foreshadowing of what was to occur;  so do the Greek Mysteries of Eleusius show us, through a glass darkly, the Christian rites of eternal life.  Get a grip!! 


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