The Ace of Swords


     If you note the embellishments, the crown (crowning achievement, you won!), especially the olive and palm leaves (the way things go for others involved is up to you, good or harsh),  you know that this is a validation of highest aims being reached. This Ace is not a beginning, but a culmination.  There is nothing more, nothing higher, in this particular endeavor.  In fact, since this is a sword, you know it's time to cut back, cut down, and cut away;  this is especially true when dieting is an issue. 

     It is important to remember that while you had a big part in this achievement, the mountains in the backdrop, Almighty God, is responsible for the whole issue.

      Pay attention to the pattern of the drops of fire;  they have a message.


     If it falls point down, this is a sign to Stop!! Stop now!! Go no further down this path!!!


      Also, remember that Swords is Words... they can be used as weapons of defense or offense.

      Lots of people are apprehensive about swords showing up in their spreads!!

     Lots of swords means lots of opportunity to make decisions! 

     In the two of swords the important message is the moon; it is just a tiny crescent, on the right side of the sky. 

     We are lost at sea here, unable to move, unable to see, unable to weight the evidence;  but the moon is telling us the answer.


     If in reverse, we have indeed made a decision and committed to it;  we don't know if it's right or not yet. 

     The Three of Swords.



     This is not a heart.



     A real heart looks like a blue fist with little pipes coming from it. 

     This is a stylized heart shape;  it represents a state of mind, not an actual event.  We notice that it is raining, the card is grey, and the swords which skewer the heart pierce it only once.

     It is sadness and betrayal, but most frequently, just a visit to the dentist or doctor. 

    If reversed, it is still sadness and the dentist;  it just won't be as painful.

The Four of Swords



     This is like The Wizard of Oz;  only the picture in the background is in color.

     That's because it's the important part of the message;  the knight may be an effigy, but the stained glass window tells the story of the Prodigal Son.  Here he is being welcomed back home with a blessing from his father, and he kneels to receive it.

     This card is about forgiveness and redemption, and frequently, rehab.


    Falling upside down, it implies the nature of the lesson has been assimilated, and we may go on to redemption and good works in gratefulness.

The 5 of swords is the bully card, the signal of evil triumphant over good- however temporarily, however way it falls.



Want to see something creepy?  This Tarot was drawn in 1910 by Pamela Coleman Smith, in London.  Look at the pattern made by the swords.  


Now compare that pattern to the signature of Adolph Hitler, who won't become known till 1932.    If that doesn't give you icy goose bumps and stomach cramps, nothing will!!!



The Six of Swords



    I won't lecture on the obvious;  so look at the standing figures feet.  Notice one foot in front of the other?  He too is part of this move forward, he isn't just a ferryman.

     Note too the pattern of the sword handles;  they are stepped, and in two groups.  That augers that our recovery or journey toward it will be in stages and phases.


     If the card falls reversed, so are we, going nowhere fast and in rough shape.

The Seven of Swords


     Compare the pattern of the swords here with the 5 of swords. 

     This is the thief, who steals from underneath, and you don't notice it from the outside until the whole thing collapses.  He suggests pooling your input, then presents all ideas as his own;  he offers to proof your presentation, then puts his name on it;  he listens to your speech and then makes it in front of you. 

     In todays climate, be very careful of identity theft, especially of electronic id theft when this card appears.  


     If this card falls reversed, it is obvious that you have been wronged and are the injured party;  you won't get restitution or an apology, and might wisely consider standing and fighting.  I have never known this to signal a return or a restoration.

    The 8 of swords shows us becoming prisoners of our own device.  Not a pleasant situation, but one we can easily walk away from.  No one is there holding a gun to our head.  We stay stuck in the mud because we haven't the brains or the courage to realize we are held in place by static.

     I think this is the chief cause of this condition;  we are too conditioned!!

    All we need to to escape from our dreary job, our abusive relationship, our sad empty life, our addiction to chocolate or Valium or alcohol or tobacco is to escape from our own inertia, and take our power back!!!

    In the Rider Waite deck we can see the red roofs of a settlement in the background.  That is help, calling out to us;  our ears aren't covered by the blindfold, which is as loose over the face as the binding ropes are around the body.  If she doesn't stay still, those ropes will fall right off!  You notice the swords don't encircle her or spear her in place.


     If the card falls reversed, then most likely we have discovered our helplessness was at our own feet, and have taken our power back.

 The Nine of Swords

     Notice that on her blanket is every symbol of astrology, signs and planets-  except for one.  Venus is missing.  This is how we know the womans nightmare is real, and she is alone because she is unloved.  Notice too the scene engraved on the side of her bed, a scene of a Roman hero betrayed by a friend;  we know she is unloved, because her behavior and attitude toward others has rendered her unlovable.


     If the card falls reversed, it's title is Reasonable Fear.

 The Ten of Swords

     A frequently misunderstood card, it is hardly as bad as it seems at first glance.


     Notice first that the sky above, though pitch black and threatening, is clearing at the horizon.  The worst is over, the storm subsides, and dawn is breaking on a calm, sunny day.

     Remember the mountains in the background always indicate the presence and help of Almighty God.

     Note too the hand position in the foreground.  He is making the sign of Blessing.  However bad things have been, there is a blessing coming out of the pain.

     Note too the position and pattern of the swords in his back!

     In divination, this frequently means acupuncture, or back surgery.


     The lesson we imbue from meditation is that all is never lost.

     Common divinatory usage tells us this is a card of back pain, arthritis, the need for a chiropractor or surgery.  In reverse, we have distilled the sweetest lessons from the bitterest cup.


     The figures in the court of swords can represent situations and changes, as well as people;  not often, but it can happen.



     The king of swords suggests tools.


      The queen of swords lets us know that therapists are available if we need one.

      The knight of swords tells us plainly that we are too impetuous, acting without thinking, inviting accident.

     The page of swords brings letters or texts or news of an upsetting, disturbing nature.


    Further in depth info on the swords folks can be found on the Court Page.

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