Major Mysteries
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'Open it up and see all the people.'

People of Earth

The Earth Court

In many ways, the element of earth is the most important in any horoscope. At present, it is unpopular to be of earth, from earth, or remotely human; 'earth people!' will sneer the alien ET of movies or television, or astrologers, gurus, New Agers of all genres. Yet without a strong placement in the earth element, the natal horoscope of the most sensitive, spiritually gifted soul will flounder into madness. Earth people are strong, skeptical, rational, logical, handy and adaptable, sturdy survivors who can access other dimensions while cooking dinner in the forest for 22 girl scouts. They also wear name brands, are conscious of what you are driving, haved raised greed to an art form, and will not think twice about stealing your boyfriend, expecting you to thank them for exposing the cheap cheater to you.

Earth, a bountiful, beautiful planet; earth, a rocky emptiness we long to leave behind. You will recognize earth people as

* the most plastic in Hollywood, who write the most moving scripts touching universal spiritual themes;

*those you meet in the late summer/early fall,

*at harvest time,

*at a nursery for plants,

*at a utility or hardware shop,

*at a bank, or out doors, or

*just doing fun outdoor activities, hiking, camping, definitely spelunking.

You meet them in the local Subway or at The Best Restaurant in Town. They are themselves excellent and inventive cooks, love to bake, organize, glam up and dress down, and call shabby chic 'somebody else's junk'; they may be thieves, but on a grand scale; they may drop names, but never tell a secret.

The earth character is just as paradoxical; angels wearing animal skins, PETA fanatics who would bash your brains out for wearing fur, and lobby for freedom of enterprise. What a people! What a place!

Physically, they look indigenous to the region, or are natives. They have a typical Yankee face, or a local Yorkshire look, or, like every successful homicidal maniac, they look like everybody else.

Any person born under Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn will show up in the court of earth.

The King of Pentacles


     Note his armor and crown;  this indicates that he will fight for what he wants or what he considers his.  He has his foot on an armadillo, also an armored entity;  he has trained his instincts and controls his emotions.  Hence he is an excellent fighter!

     He is gazing fondly at his pentacle;  this lets us know he is possessive, but enjoys his possessions rather than just hording them.  Both his gaze and his armadillo lets us know this man is security conscious.

     Everything around him is lush and fertile and green;  the city in the background is not where his heart or attention lies, but in the freedom and beauty of nature. 

In divination, the Earth man is considerate of other peoples resources and time. His taste is sophisticated in public, his manner reserved, he is all about business, and is always a devoted dad. He can be a most formidable foe! Don't provoke his anger unless you can play hard ball.

The Queen of Pentacles


     The first thing we notice is that only she, and the Magician in the Trumps, are completely encased in a flowering bower.  This indicates divine protection and power.  She has an unusual topknot on her hat, which is surrounded by a crown, from which flows a mantle.  All this attests to the same thing.

     A rabbit leaps about at her feet;  she is fertile herself, and has that magnetic power to share with others around her.  She makes things grow and multiply.

     She too is gazing down, but rather as if her pentacle were a crystal ball or scrying glass.  She is contemplating alchemy.   

In divination, the woman of Pentacles is the woman wearing name brand designer clothes, driving the latest model SUV, who recylces everything and works two jobs plus is a full time mom. She can sense others needs, is warm hearted and kind, and frequently grants wishes!

The Knight of Pentacles


may be issues upon which we must act, as well as those most likely to act upon them;

     This is the most interesting character in the  court;  he is mounted.  Rider, waite;  here is the place where we have the opportunity to step in and change the course of events as displayed by the Tarot. 

     Notice that he is gazing directly ahead into his pentacle, as if her were using it as a compass or a map.  His horse has a green sprig of leaves on its head, as if it too were a living, instinctual compass which points to Life.  He is using his jacket or coat for a blanket under his saddle, for the horses' comfort, and notice too the extra straps behind him;  a really elaborate bridle in front.  The land in the background is curiously marked as long flowing lines, as if it were tilled; or gouged out by an earthmover, or glaciers, or in strata.  He is clearly surveying unknown country, not necessarily going there.  

      The knight also invites us to step in and get involved in some issue which is important, current, and bigger than ourselves.  Global warming, the environmental movement, and the sales at Lowes are all earth issues, which revolve around the archtype of knight.

Page of Pentacles

     Keep in mind that the pages frequently represent news events, communications about events, and happenings in the subject, as well as young people of either sex under the age of 20 years.

     The page is topped with an oversized beret and a trailing scarf, and the beret has matching red feathers.  His instincts and intellect are older than this lifetime, and so he is protected from distractions.  He focuses on his pentacle like it is his treasure, and his stance suggests he has just stepped up to it.  His landscape is pleasant, growing, uncluttered, with a grove of trees (the divine) and a mountain (God) in the background.

     In divination, the children of earth are more likely to share their curds and whey with the spider than to run away from it. Most earth sign folks are deeply attached to the local fauna and flora.


I like the pentacle people.

Water People

The Water Court in the Sacred Tarot

The cups court is one of the most inventive, colorful, and rewarding suit to know and explore. They are usually the most exasperating, as these are the folks who honestly say a thing one hour, with the tears shining in their eyes, and the next hour have completely reversed their way of looking at things.

     The cups folk feel rather than think, and intuit rather than reason; such methods have decided advantages and rewards, but can easily drive their friends and associates to murder.

     You may identify the undinely inclined by their birthdates being in a water sign, or them having water rising in their natal chart.

*They will be very fair in coloring, or lean toward the cool shades in flowing layers in dress.

*You may have met them in the height of summer, by the seashore, at the lake, definitely in a large group of people having a good time; most likely on vacation.

*You may also identify as water court people anyone you have met in the rain, while swimming, at a museum, poetry recital, at a musical, at the theater, or at the party afterward.

*They may be therapists, hair stylists, make up artists, modistes, or cosmetic surgeons, artists, couturiers, hair dressers, pastors and priests, movies stars and swimming instructors, as the water court loves to create order and beauty.

     Your cups friends will always have a comforting word, a way of making you see the bright side of the worst day, can buoy you up when you face the Titanic; just don't count on them being there for more than an hour or so, because, as noted, they change it all around again.

     The water element noted here is pretty, but fragile, and transient. The water court has that sense of fragility, of being here today and gone tomorrow, like the flowers, like the waves. They give excellent advise about psychology, other people and their motives, and what you can do to help yourself; but they themselves can never follow it.

     By and large, you will consider them your flakiest, most airy fairy or air headed associates, the most fun and the kindest, whom you love and cherish, but must protect from running with scissors.

An person born in a water sign such as Cancer will show as a member of the water court.

 The King of Cups

Notice his elaborate crown, which sports a velvet cover... his throne back is almost muffin shaped.  He is a master of the art of concealment!  A fish adorns his chain of office;  fish are thoughts.  He has a signet ring on his finger of Authority, and bears the scepter.  He is never at the mercy of his emotions, but controls them. 

Note too the seamonster in the background, as well as the tossing waves, the ship which may or may not flounder, at his will.  He can create a storm of emotions if it suits his purpose, and can unleash that monster! 

He has both feet showing, but one foot in the water.  He can be deceptive about what he is thinking, feeling, about his identity, and what he is going to do.

In divining, this water sign man is cheerful, with excellent taste in color, clothing, food and wine. He is a fair weather partner, understanding parent, soulful friend, and great dancer!

 The Queen of Cups

     This cup is something special, isn't it?  Elaborate, with angels, just like the Ark of the Covenant.  Notice her mantle dissovles into water at the floor, and angels adorn her throne.  This is a strongly religious woman, with real spiritual values and mores;  she walks the walk as well as talks the talk, which we know by the stones at her feet.  The closest approximation in real life is Sarah Palin;  you may not like her at all, but this is who she is, unapologetically!

In divination, the woman of water is sweet natured and kind, and will never say anything distressing to you. Her taste in music, food, and entertainment are excellent, as is her personal style. She is a devoted mother, kind hearted friend, spiteful enemy, and usually sympathetic.

The knight of Cups

     We must notice the pose of the horse, since we as riders are being invited to waite and weight the issues.  The horse is standing on two feet only, with one front and one back hoof raised.  That horse is looking at us, too, not at where he is going.  This is such a potent invitation to step into the force of the card, and to take charge of where the events will lead!!!

     The knight himself has fish as his symbol, and remember, fish are thoughts.  This knight has more than one thought.  He also has wings on his helmet, and wings on his feet, letting us know he can be air headed, or his thoughts have wings, being a visionary person, and that his feet have wings, he does follow his thoughts quickly and can walk between the worlds with those winged feet and head.

    He is about to cross a creek, or small river.  'Cross the Rubicon' is an ancient phrase of Roman origin;  when Ceaser crossed the river Rubicon on his way into Rome, he made a move which altered the entire world, made history, and sealed his fate.

     The message of this card is to think about it!!! 

  Music, art, and psychoanalysis are all Water issues!


The Page of Cups

     Do you see that he is standing right in the water up to his knees?

     His elaborate hat has a pearl in the center;  'a pearl of great price' as the saying goes.  He too has a scarf coming down from his hat, which has feathers on the side;  his gown is decorated with pink waterlilies, symbols of eternal life springing up.  The fish is emerging from his cup, with which he seems to be in conversation.  Talking to his own thoughts, or talking out loud about a new idea which has just jumped out of his subconscious!

     In divination, this can foretell of an invitation to a gathering or getaway, a love letter, or a note to mom telling her you are thinking of her, are all Cups news.           



Beware!  I am a hidden message!!

My Tarot Court


Geraldine Brooks, Goddess of the Silver Screen, born October 29th, as Queen of



   Dereck the Martian and  ...  Betty the Earth Girl, as page of air and knight of earth, respectively





  and Sean Connery as King of the Submarines!



      In cases of physical description, the fire folks always look a little different; original, yes, but slightly foreign. Natural chameleons, they tend to disguise themselves to adapt to their surroundings, though their innate fire always shows through. Most fire sign women color their hair, even in youth; they are tastefully made up, but always so; the fire men are frequently too daring in their speech.

The King of Wands

     The first thing we note is that he wears the cap of maintenance under his crown, and two mantles, though no armor.  He can hold his temper, his mind, his liquer.  He has a salamander or creature of fire at his side, and these decorate his crown, along with the lion insignia.  He is therefor a real magickian! The back of his throne extends so far up we can't see the top;  a sure sign he has secrets to keep, and will keep them, due to his mantle of maintenance.  His scepture is a branch or wand, with sprouting leaves, even though his dias is upon a wooden floor. 


In divination, this man is smooth talking, urbane, movin' up, and into music. He may be a player, who straightens up to fly right with his 30th birthday.

The Queen of Wands

     Look at the design on the tapestry or arras behind her!  This itself is full of half hidden alchemical symbols, two lions or warthogs with huge fiery tales or tails, a budding tree from two stars, and sunflowers, the symbols of physical resurrection.  She holds a huge sunflower in her hand.  (Her natural hair color is as black as her cats, but upon her accession she dyed it red;  when her cat tried to change his color to match hers, she pinched his power off to  keep him black, that she would always remember where she came from.)  She wears his face over her heart as her emblem, and has cats carved on her throne.  This crazy cat lady is telling us that cats are creatures of inner fire who are privy to many secrets about death, rebirth, and resurrection!  Her knees are set apart, telling us she is active.

     In divination, this gal is competitive in work and play. She knows what she is talking about, and can give you good advice in any situation.



The Knight of Wands

     Notice he is facing a different direction than the other knights?  There is a reason for that.  He is facing the Pyramids at Gizeh, which we can see in the background, and his mount is rampant, leaping up.  You notice he is reigning in his mount, controlling both his thoughts and desires, and the playfulness of his nature.  He has salamander emblems, and those little clovers on his bridle, while quite a few feathers fly from his helmet.  (Ok, it may be lace, or a scarf, or any indicator of which way the wind is blowing!)  This tells us he is moving as swiftly as do events.

     Wands issues revolve around communcation, its mediums and modes, the exchange of ideas of all kinds, invention, discovery and breakthrough, travel, world affairs, politics, liturature, everything current, including the latest fashion.


 If you want to understand cats, study the suit of wands!!

The Page of Wands

     The Pyramids of Gizeh are right there;  'pyr' means fire, and 'amid' comes to 'fire within'.  Note too the feather in his cap, meaning this is not the first life time for him, and he bears a mantle of maintenance at a young age. 

This is a friend from another time, another life, another planet perhaps, reincarnated. 

In divination, Wands News will always include quotations of those having their 15 minutes of fame now. It may also come as a surprise.


Crossing Swords

How can you identify any air sign person, in the Sacred Tarot?

     The Air court can be known by their panache, their flair for the original, and by the drama that they inspire in those around them. If you have a hidden fear, secret shame, guilty conscience, or extra toe, be sure an Air folk will find thee out!

     And they will tell everyone, as they talk incessantly. Curious, judgmental, adroit of intellect and body, graceful, elegant, malicious, criminal and just. The air court is always restless, having a sense of recklessness about them, and seldom do they count the consequences. Swords people speak incisively, display excellent judgment, and share keen insights. By nature they are active, competitive, go-getters, achievers, and award winners.

The trees here noted are sad cypress; the birds are black, the cherubs stone, and the butterflies are ideals only. Swords folks are sad as only realists can be sad. They deal with sorrow efficiently, but it has left its mark on their souls.

You may know the air court by

* having met them in the winter months, the rainy season, on a windy day, in an airplane, in the open air, at the airport, in court, at a sports event, or have seen them on TV.

*By occupation they are most frequently in the military or police; often they may be 'on the air' or in show business, in computer software design, or any occupation which deals in the abstract; decision makers or arbitrators, judges or butchers or surgeons; they love to work with tools and the women are always on the cell phone, blackberry or iPod.

In cases of physical description, be guided by the imagery in your chosen deck and your intuitive capacities. Usually swords people are red to auburn haired, with medium coloring, with hazel or light eyed; this applied equally to Vikings and Africans.

Any man born in an air sign is a King of Swords.

He may also be someone who loves sailing, or who flies airplanes for fun, as these are a Swords orientations.

A king of Swords could be a man you met in the open air, at a sports arena or field, at a balloon exhibition, or an airport.

His occupation may be that of surgeon, lawyer, or salesman. A natural philosopher, he will display keen judgment of others capacities, be shrewd of speech, and look sharp.

His temper could quickly and easily flare.


The King of Swords

     The trees are sad cypress.  His arras, or tapestry behind the throne, shows the crescent moon and butterflies, symbols of the soul, and clouds. 

     He is wrapped in a red mantle and crowned, with no armor.  His wits are his sword and shield. 

     He sports a signet ring on his right hand, with the sword in his left. 

 I fit into the court of Air!!!!

The Queens of Swords

     Note that she has an attachement to her left arm, as if it is a cellphone holder.  She doesn't face us, but looks away;  her mantle matches the skies of heaven, and angels are carved on her throne.  This tells us some of her children are there in heaven.  Sad cypress.

Swords women are energetic, high maintenance friends, who are always on the phone, texting you a thousand messages, all of them full of fun and gossip.

When you have a problem, they know ten other people who had the same thing happen, and can tell exactly what each person did that was different and which was the same.

Swords women are fair weather friends, who show you exactly which way the political wind blows.

The knight of swords

     In full flight, he charges!  Notice the horse looks horrified, and is focused back on the rider, rolling its eyes, even in full gallop. 

     Note the red flag flying from his helmet?  This is a sure sign that we are making a haste and a huge mistake, going full bore down the wrong path without a thought in our heads. 

All air sign people tend to travel frequently. They may be travel agents or pilots or stewardesses, or just be on the move a lot, or change jobs every two years.

They may be journalists, in the broadcast industry, or in politics. They are always well groomed and dressed for the occasion, and can articulate well.

They negotiate. Principle seldom gets in the way of the bottom line.

Air signs are risk takers.

Air signs in particular are inquisitive, almost to the point of being nosy!

The page of swords

     He isn't looking at his sword; he is looking the other way.  The birds in the air are fluttering ina  circle, the way his thoughts are circling endlessly in his head.  Clouds are rising in a clear sky, clouding the issue;  one cloud is over his left shoulder near his head, one billowing down from his sword.  Much hot air issues from the head and the sword!! 

    He stands upon strata or layered ground which looks as if it has been healing, in a halted pose; is he going forward or back?  He can't decide, yet his red boots tell us he is moving.  Back and forth, back and forth over the same ground, over the same issues. 

     The cypress tree in the backdrop makes a clear small 'f' pattern.

The Page of Swords always brings news, especially news from far away places, and a change of scene.

Physical activity is an air sign trait!

Some think that air signs make the best spys and investigators. Some also think they are psychotic, but this is unfair.

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