The Ace of Cups


      As always, notice the pattern of the drops of water falling from the cup.  They imply that the ideas or signs you are receiving are a distinct message from Above.

    Note too that there are five streams of water flowing out of the cup, into the pond which supports water lilies, symbols of eternal life.  Our five senses are necessary to attain the life.


     If this card falls upside down, it shows us we are out of touch with our spirit, have fouled our soul, ignored our intuition or betrayed our inner life.  A bad sign indeed, and must be remedied or we will pay the consequences.  I know this isn't PC to say, but it's the truth;  get to it. 

This is my Tarot book!

The Two of Cups   


     A nice card, suggesting the power of healing which comes from shared values and sympathies.  Note the caduceus (kundalini power, and Scorpio)   topped by the lions head ( Leo, and the physical nature) and a pair of wings (raised to its highest level, that of angelic nature). 

     Note also the woman, wearing a cool blue tabard, wears red shoes (sex).  The tabard itself is in essence an apron, symbol of Initiation.

     Both of them are wearing crowns woven of laurel and poppies, respectively, from the plant kingdom.  (Though my BFF says these are pink roses;  when have you seen a man willingly sport pink roses in his hair????  Poppies, poppies, poppies!!!) 

     These crowns are worn in old fashioned weddings, so there is the divinatory meaning;  also keep in mind that these materials are seen as growing.  The design on the mans tunic is also one of flowering clover, a growing material which promotes health.

      A crown or wreath of laurel is presented to the winner of a contest;  poppies signify blissfulness.

       Some people state that this is just a love affair, rather than a marriage;  no, a marriage is a legal contract made by two parties.  We are looking at a romance!!  This romance may lead to a blissful, love based marriage, but it must be pursued.



     Keep this crown motif in mind when you note the same laurel crown on the Fool, the Empress, the Chariot, the King of Pentacles... it is important!


     If this card falls to you reversed, I'm so sorry to hear it.

The Three of Cups


     A fascinating card!

     Do you notice that of The Three Graces, one, with her back to us, is uncrowned with a garland?  She is the one wearing deep saffron, in robe and mantle, and she has her cup raised with her arm bent? 

     Deep saffron is the color of spirituality in the East; it is the color of Mercury everywhere.  Grapes suggest wine.  Together, they form a sacrament.

     The other two Graces, facing us, are wearing only a white chemise, and an overdress, and both are adorned with grape garlands in their hair;  one holds a bunch of grapes in her hand as she dances. 

     The pumpkin is such an all-American touch, and signifies both the divinatory and spiritual key to the card, being Thankfulness. 


     If reversed, this is sadness and regret.

The Four of Cups


    This is the card that says, 'let me think about it...

     He is sitting, arms and legs crossed and closed off, with his back against a tree;  he may be practicing yoga, exercising his mediative muscles, on a shamanic journey, or just not in a receptive mode. 

     Do you notice a pattern in the shape of the branches?



      When this card falls reversed, it is telling you to get up off your tree and get to it!

     If there are many cups in your spead, it may not just be about feelings;  cups are the suit of Spiritual Things.  The spread may be telling you about otherworldly, heavenly happenings, the news from the Great Beyond.

The Five of Cups


     I just bet he is the one who kicked those cups over!  This card looks like a vampire, perhaps an emotional or energy vampire, but a monster just the same.  Not always, of course;  but I always suspect someone who wallows and glories in their misery and misfortune, and ignores the bridge they have yet to cross, the home they have yet to find, which can be seen in the background.




      The Six of Cups


    This card is about perspective;  that is a dwarf handing a cup full of flowers to a little girl.  There are four cups of flowers in the foreground, one in his hand, one on the post, which is decorated with a family crest that looks a lot like the two of rods.  Behind them are rooftops and the sky.

    You note that the little girl is wearing gloves?


     In reverse this card points us to the future and all its opportunities.

The Seven of Cups

     When this card turns up, I know the Seeker is using marijuana, other drugs, or excessive alcohol, chasing castles in the air, seeing things that are only in the astral realm, afraid of the dark, and may erase himself completely from the picture.


     If reversed, the card means decisions have been made.  It doesn't say they are the right ones, just that forward progress in possible now.

The Eight of Cups 


    Look at the sky;  it's an eclipse.

     The cups are stacked like trophies, and the tide is going out.  This lets us know that it is time for a new chapter in our history, that the old prizes are redundant now and a natural change in culture or attitude is sweeping us along with it. 


     If reversed, we may be going back to something, someone, or some experience we have outgrown.  It is never a good idea to try to regress or go backwards.

  Stay alert!!

     The Nine of Cups


    He has a red hat, so he is thinking hard;  his arms are crossed, so he is keeping his thoughts secret.  There is a heavy blue cloth covering the shelf on which the empty cups sit, so we know there is something or someone concealed beneath it; that man with the red hat knows it too, and he is probably going to spring a trap on us if we go up and take one of those cups.  We know he is not an innocent cup keeper, as he is wearing stripes, like they do in prison. 

     Everyone calls this the Wish Card;  I warn you to be careful of what you wish for, because whatever it is, it will come with strings attached.


     If this cards is reversed, you still get your wish;  it is still happy;  but there is delay and Unexpected Consequences attached to it.  Look at the surrounding cards or draw further for the shape they will take.


     This usually shows up when someone is pregnant, along with the Fool and the Star.  If the 3 of swords falls too, it may end in a sad decision.


     The Ten of Cups


     A completely happy family dancing for joy in the summer sky under a rainbow!  

     Just what it looks like- perfection of a situation. 

     Even upside down this is a good card;  it will not reach perfection but pretty close!

The court figures in cups may represent situations and changes, as well as people;  not often, but it can happen.




      The king of cups may represent a Calling, or the inception of a Spiritual journey. 



      The Queen of cups may represent a situation that needs nurturance and emotional support.

      The knight of cups may mean hosting many events and parties!


       The page of cups can bring invitations up the kazoo!





     You can find much more on the water court on Court Page!!

 Spirit is to eternity as flesh is to experience.

Aren't kitties wonderful wise?

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