Your Tarot cards are your best friend, for life. 

     They always tell you the truth, no matter what you want to hear. 

     They tell you how you are doing in life, without criticism or flattery. 

     They tell you what the boyfriend is up to, and with whom;  if he is Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now.  

     They tell you which of your friends are true and which need to be kept closer, if you follow the old adage

     The Tarot is you bosom buddy, your guardian angel, the cards of your conscience, and your guiding star.

     So what's with the confused, contradictory, or just flat out wrong readings????  How do we make sense out of the three of swords atop the three of cups in the center?  Or worse, as the outcome?

     Is it something we are doing??  Something we are not doing right??  Are we possessed by a lying spirit, a familiar, an evil genie?  Do we just suck at Tarot?


     No, it's not that at all.


     Frequently we reach for the Tarot while in the grip of strong emotion, or mental anguish, or just under the influence of a mellow buzz. 

     The fact that we are strongly cautioned not to touch it while we are anything but calm and clear doesn't change our intent or behavior;  the human heart is a divine puzzle.

     We can always make sense of the cards, even while in emotional or agitated states; we just have to know where to look and how to see clearly.

      In the Tarot, we can access a great deal of symbolism and meaning that is hidden in plain sight. It's the nature of the cards!
     The problem begins with our own nature;  we are creatures of habit.  We think we know everything there is to know.  We just automatically assume that we know what each card is trying to teach us.  


     If we add alcohol, a broken heart, torn friendship, wounded pride, lost job, bolt out of the blue, or Mellow Yellow, we have:

The Dreaded Confused Reading!!!

     First, put aside your favorite deck for now, as we want all our senses to be reopened, awaken, and alert.


     It is necessary to invest in the Rider Waite Tarot deck; you can find these for about $10 in used book stores, on eBay, and at Amazon. Most people, especially those who have been reading for a while, dismiss this deck; it's medieval, reinforces a a patriarchal mindset, has a strong Christian bias, is awkward in the hand, and we are too used to its pictograms as most of us cut our teeth on it.


     This is also the original deck of choice of the Golden Dawn, conceptualized by Arthur Waite, channeled and executed by Pamela Coleman Smith, and published by the Rider company of London, which has all the symbols, mnemonic devices, and images most easily identifiable.

     In other words, this deck has the keys.  All of them, hidden in plain sight.


     On my pages, I have presented the keys, card by card, annotated, so you can't miss them.  The nonsense readings, the confused jumble, the wrong outcomes will cease, and everything will make much more sense when we read what is really there!




     Our other decks are great, especially the ones that feature cats... but we want to get the basics down, or down again, or down right.  When we need clarity, insight, and inspiration, we remember the first Tarot, the purest form comes in the Smith version of the Rider Waite deck.


     Have you never considered why the knights ride horses, and not the kings?  Why the horse appears six times with a Rider?  The key answers this in a way that will make you wiggle!!

And let's not be tacky enough to bring up Crowley... he drank the blood of a black cat that he had sacrificed to some dopey devil, and came down with hepatitis.  His assistant died of it.  Served them right!!!

    When you need greater clarity, insight, and especially grace under fire, click through my pages in MyTarotbook for your cards keys.  The hidden keys are all there made plain to help you make good sense of Tarot! 



     This is my favorite picture of my favorite kitty, Licorice.  

     I am adding each of my favorite cards, depicting my favorite meanings, along with the rest of the info, on these pages.

      Now about your objections to the Rider Waite Deck, here is Wisdom;  as far as being medieval, nonsense!  The Rider Waite Deck is entirely Renaissance, which marked the flowering of classical culture into a modern mindset. 

      It certainly does not reinforce a patriarchal attitude, as it restored the Queens, pages, and female images, including that of a female Pope,  to the playing decks of the ages!!  

     If you say, 'Christian' bias, consider that St. Augustine himself admitted that Christianity and Hermeticism are interchangeable;  that Christianity has been practiced on this planet since the time of Hermes, so that argument is shot to ribbons. 

     The deck was used in olden, medieval times as a picture book for the illiterate, who were most people, to illustrate their spiritual lessons.  Just look at the trumps, which teach entirely Spiritual Mysteries! 

     It has even been suggested that the Tarot is the 'little book' mentioned in the Book of Revelation;  I tend to believe it.

     If it's awkward in the hand, use the mini deck, and get over it.  



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